Scott experimenting with another rub he found on his Barbecue Journey before he introduces it to the VIP club

Scott Thomas was sent to college with a suitcase and a grill. The classroom quenched his thirst for knowledge, but his true passion burned on those racks. It didn’t start pretty. There were plenty of undercooked, overcooked, and otherwise inedible meals, but he didn’t give up. He soon found a knack for searing, spicing, and crowd-pleasing. Sharing his tips and tricks on his website was the next logical step. He made it fool-proof with step-by-step, picture-by-picture, visual recipes that any fool can follow.

This is the deck where the website and Scott’s Barbecue Journey started

He was doing the blog thing, which was great, but he knew there was room to grow. Social media was becoming increasingly prevalent, with people sharing intimate details of their lives. A huge part of the movement was to make mouths water with incredible food images. Scott had the pictures; it was time to grow the platforms. He used the big ones, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, and amassed a following of nearly 1 million lovers of food piping hot off the grill. The young kid who would likely char your burger was now a bona fide influencer.

Scott cooking at the Pinterest HQ during his stint as a Pinterest Ambassador

Scott’s impressive digital footprint has allowed him to get to know the BBQ and grilling worlds well. He is a familiar face in his fiery garb at events such as the American Royal, Memphis in May, the Jack Daniel’s Invitational, Q in the Lou, The Denver BBQ Fest, The World Food Championships, and The Shed Steak cookoff in Ocean Springs Mississippi, which boats the second-biggest steak cookoff in the world. He’s also taken a trip across the pond to participate in Meatopia UK in Dublin

Scott attending the second biggest steak cookoff in the country sporting his aptly named fire blazer. He never wears it with the matching pants because that’s just a bit over the top.

These experiences have blessed Scott with the opportunity to get to know some of the best in the BBQ business. The world of BBQ is not limited to what you can taste. There are thousands of innovators bringing new and incredible products to meet the needs and desires of at-home grillers. Scott embarked on his Barbecue Journey and wants to bring what he considers the best that the BBQ world has to offer right to your email. You won’t find these things at your local grocery or big box stores. Scott is a champion of small business and helping to make The American Dream come true.

Scott appearing with the legend Stephen Raichlen filming episode 4 of season 4. No idea why they wore matching sweaters!?!

For less than what you’d pay to sauce a mess of ribs, you’ll have the chance to try a rub from Tulsa, sauce from Tennessee, or save big on a grill that will make your next-door neighbor drool. Scott’s Quest continues, and as a Grillin’ Fools VIP, you’ll have the first chance to try it all!

Cooking over live fire on the beach in Mobile Bay, Alabama