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She Shocked Everyone And Proved The Critics Wrong

There are always going to be people who doubt you. Sometimes you just need to tune those people out, and that is what this young woman did.

Brooke was told that she couldn’t BBQ by her friends and family. They said she was wasting her time and would never be able to create amazing barbecue recipes like the pros. Well, Brooke didn’t listen to them. She discovered a secret that helped her become an incredible pit master. In this post, we will share her story and how she proved all of her critics wrong!

One of Brooke’s first mistakes was not trimming enough fat off a pork butt she was planning on placing in a smoker. The result was a lot of flare-ups and an uneven cook. Brooke learned from her mistake though and started trimming her pork butts down to a leaner cut. But then she didn’t let the butt rest resulting in dry, overcooked meat.

Next up, she made three big mistakes while cooking a beef brisket. She didn’t give the brisket enough time to come up to room temperature, leading to a longer cook time. Then she put the brisket in the smoker fat side up instead of fat side down, which can lead to a less flavorful and tough piece of meat. Lastly, she didn’t wrap the brisket in foil after the initial cook, and the entire brisket was overcooked and dry.


Brooke was feeling pretty down after her first few attempts at smoking meat. After all, meat is incredibly expensive and her failures started to take a chunk out of her food budget. Just as she was about to give up, she found something amazing.

While scanning the interwebs, she happened to find the Grillin Fools VIP program. Brooke couldn’t believe that a year membership cost less than a steak at a nice restaurant.

It gave her amazing tips and gave her access to the best products at the lowest prices. The program turned her into a grill goddess.

Not long after joining the program, her friends and family were begging her to cook for them all the time. She quickly gained a reputation as the go-to person for any barbecue needs.

You, too can become a pitmaster just like Brooke by joining the Grillin Fools VIP program today. Get access to the best tips, tricks, and products at the lowest prices around. It’s time to show those critics who’s boss! Join now and become a grill master in no time.

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